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Special Events Interviews

4 years ago,  interviewed CNN's 
Coorespondent Soledad Obrien, 
using just a laptop webcam. I now
use HD Quality Video Cameras

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                               Interviewing Mr. Teodore (Ted) Leonsis, 
                                         CEO Verizon Center 
                              Author, The Business Of Happiness"  
Todd C. Wiggins 
as Promotional 
 "Favorite Flava"
on YouTube
                 Speaking with Montgomery County Exec Ike Leggett
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I can provide full scale 
marketing and promotion 
services for Your next conference.

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MacBook Pro Webcam Interview 

Speaking with Comedian John Pinette
at 2010 Leukemia Ball 

I met a wide variety of people  
while conducting  Interview Videos.
This one is with Verizon Center
owner, sports mogul, and philantropist, Theodore (Ted) Leonsis at the McDonough Business School at Georgetown
University in Washington DC.

Having Fun With Retail Promotions
Think Green and Save Green

The primary question becomes, what is your
marketing objective, and how do you get to that 
result?  If you could save money, time and effort 
in  the interim, wouldn't that be even better?   

The best way to help you achieve your goals, is 
by listening carefully before we develop a  draft
proposal- Todd C. Wiggins
A  tribute to Decorators

Do You have a decoration theme or project which you'd like to share with the general public?

We would like to hear from you. Send us your pictures or video links to Todd@DesignCeleb.com, and let's take a look at what you've got. We may award a gift basket for the winners of the best picture/video contest, as chosen by the audience. Thanks!

Our goal is to produce effective promotional videos, that speak ​
to a vision of how you see your personality, or business style.  
Demo Video of Recent Event
Interviewing Actress, Activist Gena Davis at recent press conference for DC Charity Organization  
using a 
At my desk promoting Ted Leonsis 
book, the Business of Happiness

Video, Social Media, Marketing
To produce great video infomercials....

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